4bi9 Clothing

4bi9 Clothing produces small batches of original, high-quality streetwear. Each 4bi9 item is unique, and emulates a certain aspect of the infamous crew. These are the sweatshirts Dale Talkington skis in, the snapbacks Steve Stepp trolls in, and the beanies where Joss Christensen stores his Olympic Gold medal.


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4bi9 | Pictured John Ware, Andrew Holson, Tom Wallisch, John Kutcher, Ryan Wyble, Andrew Napier.

4bi9 began in 2006, as a crew of east coast friends who loved to ski and film together. We watched the movies every fall, and were inspired by the legends – Candide Thovex, JP Auclair, Shane McConkey, CR Johnson, and Tanner Hall. The ‘4bi9 Mixtape’ was the first full project ever produced through 4bi9 Media.

4bi9 Media | ‘The 4bi9 Mixtape’ and the roots of 4bi9 (2005-2006).

After ’06, our crew migrated west, joining forces with the likes of Tom Wallisch, Steve Stepp, and Henrik Harlaut. Unbeknownst to those involved, 4bi9’s move to Utah played a pivotal part in reshaping the future of our sport. Wallisch and 4bi9 linked up, putting together several game changing edits, showcasing new tricks and styles to the masses.

4bi9 Media | Tom Wallisch’s Superunknown for 2006-2007.

Since 06’, 4bi9 Media has produced hundreds of online projects, and 8 feature films: ‘Look it up’, ‘Slamina’, ‘So Far So Hood’, ‘Begging for Change’, ‘Gunnie Season’, ‘Keep Looking’, ‘All Damn Day’, and ‘Burn.’ Our aim since day 1 is to promote a style of skiing we love and respect. You’ll understand if you’ve watched ‘4bi9 House’, ‘IRidePC’, or ‘Guacamole Sundayze’

4bi9 Media | Dale Talkington’s Winning TGR/4bi9 Colab Edit.

4bi9 Clothing was founded in 2014, with the goal of leaving a more permanent mark on the sport we love. We wish to help continue growing the industry, and in the proper way- with style, creativity, and video content as a central focus. We encourage others to live the mahalo life we live- through limited, high quality pieces, worn on and off the mountains to the same extent.

4bi9 Media | ‘Tom Wallisch’s Skier’s Discretion.’

All 4bi9 Clothing is custom made. The original cut and sew pieces are produced by reputable factories we’ve established relationships with overseas. After production, all pieces are shipped to Vermont, where they are printed domestically, and then shipped to our customers from our UT/ VT locations.

“…the hope remains that there will eventually be a broad demand for a voice free of inhibitions in the ski scene. A drumbeat that reminds both those inside and outside the bubble that we’re not here to sell our sport, we’re here to enjoy it.” ‘The Story of 4bi9’ – Powder Magazine/ Eliel Hindert.

For media inquiries, commercial needs, and other video services, please visit www.4bi9media.com